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Sisterhoods are a time for our members to hang out, get to know each other, and maybe even try a new activity!

Some of our favorite past sisterhood events include:

decades theme roller skating, catered chapter dinners, going to the pumpkin patch, canvas painting, movie nights, and so many more!

IMG_7337 2.jpeg

Big/Little Reveal

The purpose of the Big/Little relationship is to provide each little with a mentor and guide during the new member process and overall chapter life.

Reveal follows a two-week process where, for one week, bigs and little go on "crescent dates" to get to know each other, followed by a week of hints! 



Retreat is a time where members have the chance to grow as an individual and as a member of our chapter. In "normal" years members go to Lake Shasta and enjoy a weekend of learning about and furthering a connection with each other! 

Due to COVID-19, in Fall '21, our retreat looked a little different but we still had a blast bowling, taking pictures, and enjoying some delicious tacos!


Moms/Dads Weekend

Moms/Dads Weekend is one our most favorite events because it means we get to share some of our Gamma Phi experiences with our parents! 

Since we have missed a couple semesters due to COVID-19, we can't wait to host Parents Weekend this Spring semester!


Date Dances

As a chapter, Gamma Phi Beta hosts multiple date dances a year! We have one formal as well as one to two t-shirt or grab-a-date dances per semester!

In Fall '21 we hosted "GPhi Boo Bash," our Halloween themed grab-a-date and "Black Ties & GPhis," our winter formal.

In Spring '22 we hosted "Go Go Gammas," a Disco themed grab-a-date and we ended our academic year with our "Gamma Phi Gala."



Socials are a great way to increase our Greek unity with other organizations on campus! In Fall '21, we had so much fun at our Luau themed social with Sigma Nu and our 80's in Aspen themed social with Delta Chi. In Spring '22, we had a Stagecoach themed social with Kappa Sigma, a Euphoria themed social with Phi Delta Theta, and a Space Cowboy themed social with Alpha Sigma Phi.

Every year our chapter participates in Serenades with other fraternities.

Serenades are when fraternities come over to our house and their new members serenade us with some songs and we serenade them back! It is such a fun way to meet their new members.


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